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WhatsApp (+39) 3391804672 

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Indirizzo - Address

Piazza Duomo, 36 
05018 -  Orvieto (TR) 
Umbria, Italia 

Benvenuti  :-) Welcome

Qui è possibile vedere alcune foto dell'attività Mastro Paolo

(di oggi e di ieri) come le ceramiche in stile Mastro Paolo (AL), i biglietti di carta da parati cuciti a mano, il ricordo di mia mamma Mariangela al negozio e io con lei 

Here you can see some photos of the activity Mastro Paolo

(of today and yesterday) like the Mastro Paolo (AL) style ceramics, the hand-sewn wallpaper cards, the memory of my mother Mariangela at the store and me with her 

Ceramiche Mastro Paolo Orvieto 

La  filosofia

Ogni oggetto è diverso e unico, simile a se stesso per la ricerca e la ripetizione di un proprio stile 

Our philosophy

Each object is different and unique, similar to itself for the search and repetition of its own style 

the small ceramics store Mastro Paolo Orvieto, is in piazza Duomo, n. 36 since 1968/69

But since the early sixties my father Mastro Paolo started to create original majolica pottery on the lathe, from shape to decoration, taking inspiration from the local popular tradition of the seventeenth century to approach modern and experimental design:

We are in the years of modernity and research 


Visita la mia galleria per apprezzare lo stile della nostra produzione. Se non trovi quello che stai cercando, mettiti in contatto con me e sarò felice di aiutarti. 


Visit my gallery to appreciate the style of our production. If you do not find what you are looking for, get in touch with me and I will be happy to help you.

Mastro Paolo, Orvieto, Italy, AL 

Mastro Paolo, Orvieto, Italy, AL

My production as third daughter (with AL from the initials of my name Anna Laura), intends to follow the path of work that comes from my parents to make it still contemporary. The approach is to aesthetic style and materials such as terracotta, colors, enamel, maneuvering the means of the trade such as vessels, brushes and lathe, trying to develop a perceptive sensitivity in the combination of various colors. 

Mastro Paolo, Orvieto Italy, AL

Working relationships are established with masters of experience in the ceramic sector, such as turners who transform clay into semi-finished objects: they shape design forms Mastro Paolo with straighter lines than the sinuous ones taken from ancient and previous historical-artistic and artisan elaborations. 

Mastro Paolo, Orvieto Italy, AL

I work by appropriation, so as to keep alive this characteristic Mastro Paolo aesthetic style, original from a visual and formal point of view, so each vase on the market testifies its impact as an ornamental object in its own right and tells the story of our artisan production, linked to the ancient geometric tradition, but in the same way new and unique: each vase is different from the other, for will and need to work within a craft system that, together with the creative aspect, can not repeat the same.